Personal Trainer Warsaw

Trainings take place in the Sparta Gym Fight Club with an area of ​​550 m2

Sparta Gym Fight Club
Zwrotnicza 6 Street
01-219 Warsaw / Poland

Personal Training:

– bodybuilding, fat burning

– self-defence, boxing, kick-boxing, muay thai, sanda/sanshou

– acrobatics / gymnastics.


– strenght movements
– flexibility movements
– forward roll, backward roll
– handstand, headstand
– round-off, handsprings, cartwheel, jumps,
– front sommersault, back flip
– vaults


-body modification involving intensive muscle hypertrophy
-fat burning
-stretching, flexibility movements
-diet and weight loss plan


– rolls, flips, sommersaults and ohter gymnastics and acrobatics movements
– wrestling, submission fighting
– boxing, kick-boxing, karate, sanda, muay thai
– combat
– sparing
– intensive workout on heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, pads
– flexibility movements, strenght movements, stamina movements


– 200 PLN/ training 60 min


– 200 PLN / training 60 min


– 200 PLN/ training 60 min

MARTIAL ARTS – muay thai, kickboxing, boxing, sanda/sanshou

– 200 PLN/ training 60 min

Training for TWO

– 250 PLN – training 60 min

Training in small groups

– 400 PLN- training 60 min

Training consultations

– 200 PLN/h

If you purchase a package of 10 or more training sessions you will get a discount.



About Me

About Me

Born in 1983.An Academy of Physical Education Warsaw graduate. Medalist of international championship in diving and Academic championship in gymnastic and swimming. Movie and TV stuntman. Instructor of acrobatic, gymnastic, bodybuilding, self-defense,boxing and wushu (sanda/sanshou). Owner of a Sparta Gym fight club. Multiple medalist in sanda. Professional fighter.


"Marcin is an excellent trainer and the atmosphere in his gym is the best I've ever experienced. I'm very happy with the progress I'm making and would not hesitate in recommending Marcin."

Ken MacGrath

"The best trainer I have ever met. good quality of training and flexible time. he cares about which level you are in and he trains you accordingly. I have been taking boxing classes with him for 2 years and I can proudly say that I feel strong and confident to protect myself. I strongly advise you to give him a chance and try classes with him"

Wed Medicine Student

"After many years of frustration for not getting any body shape improvements and just wasting my time in the gym without any results, I have decided that it was about time to quit the self-made trainings and get professional support. At the beginning I didn’t really know which personal trainer to choose and after several trials with English speaking trainers, I picked Marcin. He made a very good impression and showed me professionalism from the very first time. He has been able to translate my needs and to create ad-hoc individual trainings based on my requests. He is currently helping me to improve my body shape with specific exercises and he is constantly pushing me to progress. In fact, I am able to see weight loss and muscles shape already in a few month time and this is exactly what I needed to keep going. Marcin is a good listener and a very good motivator. Several times I thought I was not able to finish the trainings, as apparently too heavy on the schedule, but with his enthusiasm and motivation I am always able to finish them and hence, achieving small steps forward. With the result that my body is changing. He is also complementing my trainings with food suggestions, advising what to avoid and what to prefer, based on each time of the day I need to have the meals. I definitely recommend Marcin if you are looking for a Personal Trainer that needs to listen to your requests and that can prepare a training based on your work schedule/life style."

Giovanni Della Foresca

"Great trainer, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and professional. I went to him to learn gymnastic basics and I was more than happy with the results! Highly reccomended!"

Luca Bertolotto

"Took me few months of research around Warsaw to find the right person with whom starting boxing training. As soon I've meet Marcin and had my first training with him I've realised I was in the right place 🙂 Professional, skilled, he has great knowledge about martial arts and sports in general. Always up for giving nutritional and healthy life style tips and during training not just hard work but also fun is guaranteed. After few months training with him I can see already the great changes I've achieved. So definitely 5 stars and strongly recommended."

Vittoria Chef

"As a Swedish sports journalist I was staying in Warsaw for three weeks during the Euro 2012. Before I went to Poland I found Marcin Bak's web page on the internet and we after calling him up we agreed to him training me in boxing during my stay in Poland. I have been a professional soccer player and therefore have tried various forms of training, but never have I picked up so much technical knowledge and gained so much strength in such a small amount of time. Marcin Bak was excellent in showing me the techniques of boxing, very good at having a variety of exercises and the I found every training session to be challenging and very well prepared from my personal trainer. Coming from a professional environment, I appreciated that my personal trainer was obviously well educated and had knowledge of what he was teaching me. The gym where we trained almost every morning had a big amount of equipment and good space for exercising. After we were done with our boxing session I often stayed and worked out some more at the gym. I was also very impressed by Marcin Bak's level of English, we could communicate with each other with no obstacles at all. After three weeks and felt in a lot better shape than before I turned up, and was almost a little sad that we couldn't continue with our training. I would highly recommend Marcin Bak's services to anyone interested in getting a personal trainer to achieve their respective goals with their training."

Richard Henriksson Sports journalist,Swedish National Radio richard.henriksson@sr.se

I have been doing kick-boxing with different personal trainers in different countries for a few years now. Prior to that, I was playing squash, doing fit-box and running on a regular basis. I discovered that boxing strengthen me both, physically and mentally. I found Marcin Bak's club on internet when I had moved to Warsaw in the end of 2012. It is never easy to move from one club to another after years of positive experience in your old club. However, I found that Marcin's training program is highly personalized and elevate my boxing techniques and strength to a new level. Moreover, Marcin combines techniques with sparring and condition training. This stretch you in every single training beyond your maximum capabilities. With the full confidence I can recommend training with Marcin and with his club.

Mathias Danielsson Head of Ericsson Service Organization Central Europe and Ericsson Poland Board Member

"I really enjoy my training sessions with Marcin and already after a short time, I was able to see concrete results. Marcin worked with me to identify my goals and prepared a training programme and diet regime accordingly. In our personal training sessions, Marcin focuses on technique and form, as well as explaining the theory behind the exercises. He pushes me to work hard and achieve my goals. I sincerely recommend Marcin Bak as a personal trainer."

Michael Vargosko Consulting

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