Giovanni Della Foresca

„After many years of frustration for not getting any body shape improvements and just wasting my time in the gym without any results, I have decided that it was about time to quit the self-made trainings and get professional support. At the beginning I didn’t really know which personal trainer to choose and after several trials with English speaking trainers, I picked Marcin.
He made a very good impression and showed me professionalism from the very first time. He has been able to translate my needs and to create ad-hoc individual trainings based on my requests. He is currently helping me to improve my body shape with specific exercises and he is constantly pushing me to progress. In fact, I am able to see weight loss and muscles shape already in a few month time and this is exactly what I needed to keep going.
Marcin is a good listener and a very good motivator. Several times I thought I was not able to finish the trainings, as apparently too heavy on the schedule, but with his enthusiasm and motivation I am always able to finish them and hence, achieving small steps forward. With the result that my body is changing.
He is also complementing my trainings with food suggestions, advising what to avoid and what to prefer, based on each time of the day I need to have the meals.
I definitely recommend Marcin if you are looking for a Personal Trainer that needs to listen to your requests and that can prepare a training based on your work schedule/life style.”